Stay Safe! Outdoor first-aid course in Grumsin Beech Forest

28th January 2021

Under the framework of the Interreg BEECH POWER project, the City Administration of Angermünde has planned a first aid course focusing on first-aid skills for the outdoors. This weekend course will take place between the 12-14th of March. The course is for all certified nature guides, environmental educators, and rangers that are active with groups in and around the World Heritage Site component part Grumsin Beech Forest.

While many medical incidents, such as a sprained foot, a broken arm, acute stomach pains or an allergic reaction, pose little threat in the vicinity of a city when the emergency services are nearby, the situation is different when it happens in the middle of a forest. This course offers participants a chance to learn the vital first-aid skills that will enable them to take responsibility in such a situation. 

In this weekend course, participants will learn how to stay calm, what to prioritise and how to successfully administer first-aid in emergency situations. Aside from covering the usual first-aid training, such as CPR and the recovery position, the course will focus on topics relevant to the outdoors, including outdoor emergency management, treatment of hypothermia, sprains and dislocations, improvised bandages and splints, using first aid equipment and techniques for emergency calls. Depending on the professional background of the participants, the course will be tailored accordingly. 

The course is being delivered by two qualified and experienced instructors from the Outdoorschule Süd. The courses are organised by the City Administration of Angermünde, supported by the Interreg BEECH POWER project and the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Beech Forests.