1st Transnational Exchange Meeting  

25-26/10/2017 | Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage connected with the cult of Saint Martin of Tours triggers many reflections on how to achieve more solidarity, hospitality and trust among the citizens of the globalised world. The legend of St. Martin – he cut his cloak in half with his sword to dress an unclothed beggar – has become the symbol of sharing in the process of European integration and outline the needs to reduce distances, overcome frontiers and lack of understanding, and fill the gaps between cultures and generations.

The traces of Saint Martin’s cult are ubiquitous in our way of life, we just have to look from the right angle. The purpose of the 1st training for project partners and cultural drivers is to reflect on how the values of St. Martin are connected with the contemporary needs, wishes and ideas, as well as with sustainable strategies linked to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Europe 2020).

Moreover, following the methods of interactive session, the participants will also become familiar with new participatory methods, multimedia technologies and other innovative tools for valorisation, presentation and utilisation of cultural heritage in order to understand and use heritage practices as fruitful approaches to overcoming contemporary challenges and achieving a rewarding social and economic impact in local communities.

The training will be organised by ZRC SAZU team in Ljubljana, on 26 th of October 2017.

Photo: Bert Kaufmann (Flickr)