2nd online meeting of the working group Education, interpretation, promotion and visibility

22nd February 2021

As a follow-up to the kick-off meeting held in January 2021, Public Institution Paklenica National Park and external experts organised a second online meeting of the working group Education, Interpretation, Promotion and Visibility which was held on 22nd February 2021. 

Meanwhile, the members of the working group collected their ideas on how to improve the education and promotion of the World Heritage site in Paklenica National Park. A total of 82 ideas were gathered, presented at the meeting and evaluated. 

Ideas were classified into three main groups:

  • Informing, promotion and enhancing visibility
  • Education and interpretation
  • Cooperation with local communities (with an emphasis on the preservation of the World Heritage components)

The criteria in the evaluation process were: 1. Contribution to the objectives; 2. Feasibility; 3. Financing; 4. Marketing outreach. 

Conclusion of the meeting

Since the meeting was held in a virtual environment, the evaluation had to be adapted to the possibilities offered by the Zoom platform. To enhance the joint work, organisers decided to introduce relevant symbols in the evaluation process in a way that each participant could assign 0-3 symbols for each idea, depending on how much they like each activity when they takes into account all four criteria.

After the evaluation process, 27 ideas were selected to be taken into account for the development of the Work Program, and out of those, two ideas were selected to be elaborate in detail within the Work Program. The two ideas selected for extended elaboration are:

  • Development of the education material for beech forests (photos, videos, power point presentations) and education props (puzzles, beech bark, leaf, shoot, fruit) 
  • Organizing workshops for the children with an emphasis on features of the World Heritage components in Paklenica National Park

The next meeting of the working group is planned soon, in the first part of March. The following step will be that the members of the working group develop and provide elements for the two activities which were selected for more detailed elaboration and share the content that would be part of those activities.