The BEECH POWER Knowledge Exchange Platform has launched!

The BEECH POWER online platform serves as a networking and knowledge sharing hub on World Heritage (WH) Beech Forests. The platform was initiated by partners involved in the BEECH POWER project, supported by the Coordination office of the UNESCO WH Site ‘Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe’ at the Sonian Foundation (Belgium). The platform aims to support communication and cooperation between protected area management teams and responsible public authorities of protected areas comprising the WH component parts. It provides access to several WH relevant documents and can be continuously updated with additional information and data relating to the WH Site and its component parts.

The platform is open to all actors and practitioners from the WH Beech Forest network, anyone affiliated with, or expressing interest to support the WH Site can join. Joining the platform offers an opportunity to discuss and learn about protected areas comprising UNESCO WH Beech Forest component parts. Furthermore, it enables all users to share information on their component part/protected area, e.g. best-practice examples, management plans, research results, education activities, etc. It offers possibilities for future cooperation through development of joint projects and initiatives, strategies and capacity building activities. 

Our aim for the creation of this pilot platform is to enable involved actors to exchange knowledge and good practices regarding WH component part management. It should further serve a platform for initiating a dialogue between relevant stakeholders and to initiate and strengthen cooperation that will create mutual benefits for the WH Site! 

We welcome you to register and share your views in lively discussions! Please send your expression of interest  to: Caroline Celis, Hanna Öllös at and Marcus Waldherr at