4th SYNERGY Project Partner Meeting at STEPRI in Rijeka

The SYNERGY project partners from the different partner regions came together for the 4th periodic meeting at STEPRI in Rijeka, Croatia to discuss the previous implementation of the SYNERGY project activities and the soon upcoming release of the Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP). The platform will provide new crowd innovation services that will be tested in different pilot actions with all types of SYNERGY stakeholders within the next months.

In the context of the 4th project partner meeting, the SYNERGY team conducted a workshop on Simulated Crowdfunding to prepare the corresponding pilot action that will be carried out on the Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP). Different campaigns with funding need were collected during the workshop, their budget and period defined, and released for display to different backers. Each participating backer selected his/her project(s) to support and declared the pledge amount. The campaigns were backed successfully – CRITs campaign HEART VALVES IN AM won the crowdfunding workshop and was rewarded with a voucher.

The project team will soon inform about the platform release and invite all stakeholders to participate in the pilot actions as well as in upcoming trainings, conferences and promotional meetings related to the SCIP. 

2-SYNERGY-PPM04-Rijeka.jpg © Image: SYNERGY / WrUST
© Image: SYNERGY / WrUST
1-SYNERGY-PPM04-Rijeka.jpg © Image: SYNERGY / StepRi
© Image: SYNERGY / StepRi
3-SYNERGY-PPM04-Rijeka.jpg © Image: SYNERGY / WrUST
© Image: SYNERGY / WrUST