5 stakeholders meetings, for 5 regions

As the stakeholders meetings are going to end (Trentino in Italy remains) here is a summary of the work done and all the meetings held in the 5 regions

1. At the end of 2017, Institute Of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (IPI) introduced main goals and objectives of INNO-WISEs project. They constructively debated how to improve institutional, technological and managerial framework and capacities of WISEs in Croatia.


About 25 people gathered to discuss about needs and obstacles for WISEs in Croatia. Among them were managers of successful SMEs and representatives of WISEs, experts and interest groups dealing with WISEs and public authorities. 

2. Than, another stakeholders meeting was held in Slovenia in December 2017. The meeting was organized by the Slovenian project partner ŠENT - Slovensko združenje za duševno zdravje (Slovenian Association for Mental Health) /w Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije (FUDŠ)Mestna občina Nova Gorica & Inovacijsko tehnološki grozd


Slovenian INNO-WISEs project partners organized the first stakeholders meeting in Slovenia. The meeting was held in the frame of the Days of Social Economy. During the conference, Dr. Tea Golob from project partner FUDS/SASS presented the research conducted in the frame of the INNO-WISEs project to a wide audience of representatives from WISEs but also NGOs, local authorities, associations from the field of social economy. 

The meeting was held during the Days of Social Economy Event, organized by ŠENT to ensure the maximum possible number of walk-in participants. The meeting was held under the supervision of social workers or other qualified personnel, who did not listen in but were available via intercom. 

Four main themes emerged : innovation in social economy, digitization for vulnerable groups, state of social economy and funding.

3. Recently, a stakeholder meeting was held in Milan with more than 20 Work Inclusion Social Enterprises from all around Lombardy. 


It was an important occasion to present them regional report results and to discuss about their technological needs

4. Few days ago our Polish Partner met with representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, social companies and institutions supporting the social economy


In the « research in action » formula, they discussed what drives success in the organization, what competencies are key, which marketing strategy gives the best results, how to encourage the implementation of innovation in the company and what role ICT plays in this area.

5. Last but not least : Trento

Work in progress...