7th Croatian water conference with international participation

The 7th Croatian Water Conference in Environmental and Nature Protection took place in Opatija, bringing together about 300 participants. The aim of the conference is to preserve the good condition of water with flood protection, pollution reduction and to discuss, through four traditional scientific and professional topics, a comprehensive and interdisciplinary discussion of water status and water management in Croatia.

The topics of the conference were the state of the water and led to the dependence of ecosystems, hydrological extremes and their consequences, trends of rainfall, land surface water, groundwater, transitional waters and coastal waters, water and soil regeneration and use systems - state and development projects, public water supply systems , sewage and wastewater treatment - state and development projects, water policy, education, water management planning, international cooperation and public participation.

Climate change is evident, and hydrological extremes of flood and drought are increasingly pronounced. Adapting to climate change is a permanent task, for which it is imperatively sustainable to develop and maintain water management and water management systems. With the use of  European funds, the development of water infrastructure today is significantly intensified in relation to earlier periods. International water management co-operation is also an indispensable factor in sustainable water management.

The AMIIGA project was presented in the conference, and presented in the Conference Proceedings, which include 115 published scientific and professional papers related to different water management aspects. Amiiga content is on pages 493-503.

Conference Proceedings (large PDF file)