25.11.2016 Jaworzno, Poland

AMIIGA in the valley of brook Wąwolnica in Jaworzno

The City of Jaworzno presented AMIIGA during a meeting with external political representatives.

The City of Jaworzno organized a Presentation of the results of the project entitled "Efforts to solve the problem of hazardous waste accumulated in the valley of brook Wąwolnica in Jaworzno - Phase I". It was a local event in Jaworzno during which AMIIGA was presented as a future step of works in the valley of brook Wąwolnica in Jaworzno. 
Multimedia presentation about AMIIGA project was realized by the representative of the Lead Partner of the project, Mr Marcin Głodniok

The following people participated in the meeting: 
 representatives of local authority – Jaworzno City
 Member of the Polish Sejm
 representative of Regional Office for Environmental Protection in Katowice 
 representative of the Marshal’s Office of Silesian Voivodeship 
 representative of Silesian Voivodeship Office
 representatives of Chemical Plant "Organika Azot" S.A. in Jaworzno
 representative of Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute 
 representative of Central Mining Institute (GIG) - Lead Partner of AMIIGA project 
 external expert of Jaworzno within the project
 representatives of media