Joint workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia: Clustering AMIIGA and CAMARO-D 

The groundwater management issues are of high importance for Ljubljana. Some open questions, considering the groundwater management, were thus discussed in three European projects at the same time (AMIIGA, PROLINE-CE and CAMARO-D).  One of the AMIIGA project areas, Iška fan with Brest waterworks, have been recognized as typical area where various land uses and stakeholders interests, respectively, have significant impacts on groundwater quality and quantity.

On Thursday, May 17th, 2018, JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija, project partner of AMIIGA and CAMARO-D, Geological Survey of Slovenia (AMIIGA) and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (CAMARO-D) organized a joint workshop, where numerous Slovenian experts explained their views on the conceptual model of Iška fan.
The experts agreed that some key hydrogeological and hydrological issues, i.e. amount of Iška river recharging alluvial aquifer and as one of potential recharging part of adjacent Ižica river, the dynamics of the groundwater exchange at the contact of alluvial and carbonate aquifer, etc., are still open. Additional hydrogeological investigations, associated with new boreholes and additional discharge measurements, are needed for establishing a reliable mathematical model.

The event was a great opportunity to share the experts' opinions and the workshop was a successful example of clustering of European projects. The joint workshop was attended by 23 participants from 7 different institutions, representing the following target groups: Sectoral agency, Higher education and research, Infrastructure and (public) service provider, Small and medium Enterprises (SME).

Attendants agreed about the need that:

  • synergies between different monitoring systems (surface-groundwater, floods, water quality, land subsidence) have to be planned for the use for different forecast model
  • additional long term observations at systems boundaries in carbonatic hinterland would substantially contribute to solve questions about natural system behaviou
  • measurements of losses from the river stream to groundwater would be the most essential contribution for improvement of conceptual and numerical models
  • support from Environmental Agency monitoring department for improvement of Iška river gauge is very welcome