Turin, Italy  

Methodologies for groundwater protection  

Lombardy Region and Polytechnic University of Milan presented AMIIGA at the national conference on “Methodologies for groundwater protection” held in Turin on 19 May. The conference was hosted by the Department of Life Science and System Biology of the University of Turin.  
The most advanced progress of research in this field was discussed with engineers, geologists, researchers, professors and students from local and regional public authorities and universities such as ARPA Piemonte and Piemonte Region. Luca Alberti and Loris Colombo from the Polytechnic University and Angelo Elefanti from the Region Lombardy presented the methodology and the legislation on diffuse contamination in Milan and the eastern part of the FUA.

The presentation of AMIIGA was divided into two parts: the first one was about the methodology used to assess the groundwater quality studies in the FUA. It followed the guidelines of the WPT1 of the project:

  • statistical method and geostatistical analysis for groundwater pollution assessment
  • numerical modeling of flow and transport for the main chlorinated solvents
  • statistical analysis coupled with transport modeling for groundwater pollution assessment

The second part presented the new legislation adopted by the Lombardy Region about the reference values for the diffuse contamination in the FUA. This will contribute to the work of AMIIGA in the preparation of the shared transnational management strategy to deal with groundwater contamination. It will also help to disseminate among stakeholders knowledge and awareness on  groundwater quality and the legislation adopted based on the methodology.
The agenda of the conference is available here: