Katowice, Poland

Passive groundwater treatment by bioreactive wall in Jaworzno AMIIGA presented during a technical seminar organized by Central Mining Institute 

Techinical Seminar in Jaworzno organized by Central Mining Istitute

On 6th April 2017 the lead partner of AMIIGA, Central Mining Institute (GIG),  organized a seminar entitled: “GIG Environmental Technologies for the Smart Development of Cities and Regions”. During the seminar, many innovative solutions in terms of environmental technology were presented, including AMIIGA’s passive groundwater treatment by bioreactive wall in Jaworzno functional urban area (Poland), one of the pilot actions of the project.

GIG representative presented the concept of Jaworzno functional area, described briefly the site area and the sources of contamination. In the area located by  Wąwolnica river in Jaworzno, the project FOKS (Central Europe 2007-2011) discovered plume of solvents and HCH in the groundwater.
Then the speaker outlined the idea of using the bioreactive wall, microbiologically enhanced. He explained what microbiological analyses will include and how the installation will contribute to the reduction of contamination. Bioreactive wall will be constructed of two parts, non-permeable walls (funnel) and bioreactive permeable wall (gate) filled with activated carbon sorbent & injected with microbial inocula, placed perpendicularly into the flow direction to limit the outflow of the contamination from the site. The microbiological part of the wall will be specially prepared for this pilot action by screening and collecting proper microorganisms from the contaminated site. Then growing them in laboratory conditions to prepare applicable inocula. The inocula most suitable for project purposes will be applied into the part of wall filled with activated carbon bed in the field conditions as a pilot experiment (bioaugmentation). The bioreactive wall will be designed in order to give opportunity to measure its effectiveness.

The presentation was enthusiastically received by the audience, consisting of more than 40 representatives of companies from the water and wastewater sector from Silesia region and representatives of nearby cities and other local and regional authorities.