Katowice climate change conference (COP 24)

The 2018 UN climate change conference (COP24) will be held from 3 to 14 December in Katowice, Poland. The EU and its Member States will take part as parties to the UN climate change convention


EU side events
General information
Like at previous conferences, the European Union aims to offer to all interested organisations a space to organise side events during the 2 weeks of COP24.

While we are still awaiting a confirmation from the organisers, we expect to be able to offer about 100 slots of 90 minutes each. The rooms should hold 80-100 seats and are offered free of charge, with all relevant equipment. 

This year the application process will open earlier than in the previous years to make the programme available as early as possible.

Application process
The events will be selected on the basis of the online application form available until Friday 29 June 2018 on this page.

Selection and programme
The programme will be available online mid-September.

For any further information: CLIMA-EU-SIDE-EVENTS@ec.europa.eu