BEECH POWER organises an outdoor first aid course in Angermünde

Last weekend (20th to 22nd of August), the BEECH POWER project of the city of Angermünde, in cooperation with the Outdoorschule Süd from Freiburg, held an outdoor first aid course in Brodowin. During the 2,5-day seminar, 13 certified nature and landscape guides who offer guided hikes and tours in the Grumsin beech forest, had the opportunity to learn the basics of outdoor emergency rescue. The aim of this course is to increase safety for visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Beech Forest Grumsin. The course qualifies as a first aider in companies and is recognized according to BGV A1.

The varied design of this professional training included both theoretical basics and practical exercises with realistic outdoor emergency situations. Among other aspects, the seminar covered professional emergency management, dealing with groups in emergency situations, and the correct delegation of tasks.

In addition to the stable lateral position and the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the seminar also included topics such as hypothermia, sprains and dislocations, improvised bandages and splints, first aid equipment and emergency call techniques. In small groups, the participants practiced and applied professional care of a wide variety of wounds, CPR, and proper rescue and carrying techniques. 

Further, the participants had to independently solve several case studies in which real accident situation were simulated. Through this experience, they were able to set the right priorities in emergency situations and successfully provide first aid.