BEECH POWER workshop on MARISCO in Slovenia

18-19th November, 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recently, BEECH POWER project partners from Germany, Slovakia, and Slovenia met in Ljubljana to attend a two-day workshop that focused on identifying and discussing key ecological attributes and threats for both Slovenian component parts — Snežnik and Krokar.

The workshop was facilitated using the MARISCO methodology — an abbreviation for ‘Adaptive MAnagement of vulnerability and RISk at COnservation sites’. MARISCO is an approach to adaptive ecosystem-based management that integrates a dynamic risk and vulnerability perspective into the management of conservation projects and sites. It requires workshop participants to consider the component parts from the perspective of their biodiversity elements, key ecological attributes, stresses, threats, and overall factors contributing to ecosystem vulnerability and risk.

In addition to the project partners, attendants at the workshop included local stakeholders, such as representatives from government, the Slovenian Forestry Service, and the Institute for Nature Conservation — all of whom held valuable insight regarding the component parts.

The MARISCO methodology is being utilized once again within the scope of the BEECH POWER project in Slovakia, where a local stakeholder’s workshop focusing on the component part Poloniny National Park are held.