Beirut: Technical Workshop on Green Neighbourhoods

On May 3 and 4, Politecnica will take part in the technical workshop “Green Neighborhoods – Green Districts” to be held in Beirut. The initiative is part of the activities to support the Italian private sector that the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea carries out in Lebanon together with the LCEC (partner of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement on sustainable development).

The workshop will be developed through the organization of targeted round tables, involving Italian developers, architects and planners, who will illustrate their most significant experiences detailing policies, financial instruments, technologies and use of innovative materials.

The Architect Maria Cristina Fregni will report on the European project INTERREG CE1202 B.h.EN.E.F.I.T. (Built Heritage, Energy and Environmental – Friendly Integrated Tools for the sustainable management of Historic Urban Areas) – of which Politecnica is a member together with 12 partners from 7 Central European countries- focused on the sustainable management of historical centers.

Workshop Program