BhENEFIT at Fatti di Cultura 2017 

Mantova (Italy) September the 28th  2017

The Municipality of Mantova chose Fatti di Cultura, well-known and relevant festival on Urban Regeneration, as the perfect framework to present the BhENEFIT project to local stakeholders in order to set up the Local Support group.

The workshop / presentation was planned and organized by the BhENEFIT Team in cooperation with  Int-Herit Team (Municipality of Mantova - Office for integrated projects and fundraising) and UNESCO Management plan Team (Municipality of Mantova - UNESCO Office) in order to provide an overview of the relevant projects promoted by the Municipality regarding Mantova Historic Built Area / UNESCO Areas and the related paths for stakeholders involvement and the inter-relation among them .

The event contributed to several specific objectives:

Multiplier effect & networking

  • Present the BhENEFIT project to a relevant audience of stakeholders and position it among the strategic projects of the City for the Historic Built Area
  • Reflect on the connections among the BhENEFIT project, the Int-Herit project (Mantova is partner of the implementation network on innovative management of heritage buildings, funded by the URBACT III programme) and the revision of the UNESCO management plan to be carried out by 2018.

 Local Support group start-up

  • Contribute to the engagement and selection of stakeholders for starting-up the LSG (this meeting is reported as LSG meeting n.1 as well)
  • Stimulate a debate on the most critical issues and themes regarding the management of the Heritage Built Area as a “teaser” for the further consultation co-planning path to be designed and managed with stakeholders.

 Capacity building

  • Involve relevant stakeholders into the Fatti di Cultura Festival, as an occasion of relevant capacity building and debate on several themes connected to BhENEFIT