La Spezia, Italy, 18 May 2018

The seminar "Image of the City_03" was planned and organized by the AIDIA association (Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects) with the Professional Association of Architects of the province of La Spezia and the Professional Association of Engineers of the province of La Spezia.

The seminar paid homage to the book "Image of the City” written by Kevin Lynch in 1960. Aim of the event was to analyze the urban space in the components of identity, well-being, accessibility and security of citizens and visitors.

The seminar wanted to put in contact professionals, administrations, companies and stakeholders to induce a debate on the urban livability.

 The presentation was done during the Session I on the transformation of the cities and was focused on the general approach on the project and the difficulties in combining energy efficiency and preservation of historic values and components.

The presentation started showing how Historical Built Areas are changing under the pressure of a lot of small interventions (for energy efficiency, to meet contemporary needs, etc). Then it focused on BhENEFIT's holistic approach to the management of the Historic Built Areas (hereinafter HBA), considering a wide spectrum of related aspects, concerning daily maintenance links to preservation and valorization of historic heritage in a sustainable perspective.

Ing. Claudia Bedini