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Stakeholder Workshops in Italy

Despite still ongoing epidemic situation we are organising meeting with our stakeholders. Another successful meeting with Italian stakeholders held online on 26th October hosted by Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy in Emilia-Romagna and District Basin authorities of Po river.

Diverse and numerous stakeholders participated: 35 experts from national and regional environmental agencies, universities, research centers (working on to local administration, public services, economy, water, environment and health ), waterworks managers, Environmental associations attended the online workshop, giving ideas and information on problems/solutions and needs related to management of PPCP emergencies. 

The meeting was very useful for receiving information about ongoing activities related to monitoring and research, especially in the Po River Basin pilot action area. It was also useful for highlighting potential synergies among actors and processes, for further defining the basic requirements of boDEREC-CE output - modePROCON tool and for an exchange of best practices.

Workshop Invitation and agenda (in Italian)
Information about the workshop (in Italian)