National Start-Up 
Stakeholder Workshops

Due to COVID-19 situation boDEREC-CE project partnership has decided to postpone organisation of the National Start-Up Stakeholders Workshop.

         New dates of the workshops will be available on the website as soon as possible.

The objective of the boDEREC-CE stakeholder workshops is to get more insights into stakeholder perceptions about the challenges they face, the experiences they made and the tools they require to improve their daily operations. Given the general scope of boDEREC-CE, the project group seeks to develop such a tool (modePROCON), which can help stakeholders to detect and assess emerging contaminants in their respective area of interest. In order to develop a tailored framework for modePROCON, intense stakeholder interactions are required to guide the development process.
Decision making in the light of managing emerging contaminants is a crucial task that water managers, public authorities and other related stakeholder groups need to face. Most of the time, data are missing to make detailed evaluations about the source of specific pollutants, to investigate their fate and transport in the environment and to identify what problems they may cause.

Workshop will be held:

  • Poland: postponed due to COVID-19 threat
  • Croatia: postponed due to COVID-19 threat
  • Czech Republic: postponed due to COVID-19 threat
  • Slovenia: postponed due to COVID-19 threat
  • Italy: postponed due to COVID-19 threat
  • Germany: to be confiirmed
  • Austria:  to be confiirmed