Society Discussion Panel in Poland

On October 19th 2021, University of Silesia (PP05) held the Society Discussion Panel of the boDEREC-CE project. The meeting was organised in a hybrid form: an in-person meeting and online via the MS Teams platform. In total, 59 participants took part in the panel, including the general public and stakeholders.

During the meeting, PP05’s members presented the aims of the project, the possible influence of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP) on drinking water resources, as well as the overview of statistics regarding PPCP usage and the size of the pharmaceutical market in Poland. Project activities carried out within the Polish Pilot Action Area - Kozłowa Góra were introduced by a representative of Silesian Waterworks PLC (PP07). At the end of the event, a public discussion among the participants took place on the rate of medicines usage and expired/unused drugs removal practices.