Connecting through Innovation

The thematic focus of the conference laid on the fields of smart materials & digitalization.

Smart materials operate as sensors and actuators alike. They are the hardware-side basis of digitalization and Industry 4.0 applications. Additionally, the keyword connection was explored in its different facets through the European Interreg framework and the network partners in the area of smart materials, resource-efficient production and digitalization in Saxony.

The speakers gave an introduction to the working principle of smart materials as a material class, on the status of the industrial revolution in Saxony and especially the regions of Chemnitz and Dresden. Key industries were highlighted and challenges for local companies with regard to Industry 4.0 presented.

All the speakers involved comprehensive best practice examples to underpin their argumentations. Furthermore business support organizations like the innovation network smart³|materials, solutions, growth or the Digital Innovation Hub innosax, in its anchoring on regional and European level, got a platform for stakeholder connection and get-together.