Final event of The Month of Industry 4.0 and Robotics

20 December 2021 – CEUP2030 Slovenia


This is the final event of The Month of Industry 4.0 and Robotics, which took place during the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union. An event where we will make a summary of the whole month, learned, seen, with a brochure presentation at two round tables and where we will discuss the future directions of Robotics and Industry 4.0 with decision-makers at the second-round table. The event will be organized in a hybrid form (with limited number of live participants and through zoom platform) and moderated by Piere Padilla, PhD, from N-ABLE.
The event will be organized in two roundtables with the following purposes:

1. Roundtable on Manufacturing:

The roundtable will summarize the entire month and highlight trends in industry in relation to green technologies and digital transformation. Speakers at the round table are leading some of the major institutions in Slovenia involved in Robotics and Industry 4.0. Special focus will be put on:
  • Value added of Slovene knowledge, main achievements, trends
  • Needs of companies, how to boost commercialization of innovations, support to companies for a faster transition to Industry 4.0 and increased use of Robots (making current DRL 2 machines smarter)
  • Role of micro companies and SMEs (economic & social importance) and how to support them
  • Where do our renown speakers see opportunities for cross sectoral collaboration? 

2. Roundtable: Needs of the industry and how can the decisionmakers support it?

The roundtable will focus on exchanging views on how to engage all stakeholders in the digital transformation of industry, introducing green technologies, increase innovation and productivity from the perspective of policy makers, contractors and analysts. In this roundtable we will bring together the practical conclusions of the month inputs from foreign countries (CEUP2030 project experiences), and the from 1st roundtable that day, on manufacturing technologies, to a strategic approach and views of the policymakers.

Special focus will be put on:
  • Experiences on current incentives for digitalization and possible improvements (CEUP2030)
  • How to support Industry 4.0 and foster introduction of more Robotics into industry
  • Role of the support ecosystem in transition to I4.0 and Robotics
  • Possible ways of the decisionmakers to support implementation of innovation and  technologies in industry
  • Commercialization of innovations in the field of Robotics and Industry 4.0
  • Cross-sector fertilization and collaboration – where and how?
Target audience: 
The conference is targeting companies, in particular SMEs, with the aim to raise awareness on AR and IPS technologies and present the expected evolution of these technologies as well as the European and regional landscape where companies can find support in facing this transition. All decision makers responsible for Industry 4.0 are invited to the event. Other stakeholders (i.e. research centers, universities, intermediaries and policy makers) will be also invited to the conference that will also offer them key learnings form the industrial experiences

Registration is already open, and you will receive the connection details along with confirmation

The conference will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Zavod digitalno Inovacijsko stičišče Ulica Gledališča BTC 6, Sever, Dvorana 1a, 1000 Ljubljana)

If you want to attend the event live, sign up here: 

Table caption
8.45-9.00 Registration and welcome coffee

Opening speeches

Assist. Prof. Igor Kovač, JSI

Simona Kneževič Vernon, TECOS


Roundtable on Manufacturing

Aleš Cantarutti, director Chamber of commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Prof. dr. Aleš Zalar, director, Jozef Stefan Institute

Dr. Aleš Hančič, TECOS, Slovenian tool and die development centre

Hubert Kosler, director Yaskawa Slovenija &Yaskawa Ristro

Dr. Matjaž Čemažar, director Domel

MAGNA - tbc

Dr. Tobias Müller (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie), via zoom, tbc

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

Needs of the industry and how can the decisionmakers support it


DI Roland Sommer (Verein Industrie 4.0 Österreich)

Austrian experiences in faster prototyping and commercialization of innovation towards Industry 4.0 – Platform Industry 4.0

Jernej Salecl, general director, Internationalisation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Directorate at Ministry of economic development and technology

Dr. Tomaž Boh, general director, Science directorate, Ministry of education, science and sports

Government Office for Digital Transformation, TBC

Dr. Anže Burger, Associate professor, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences - tbc

12.00-12.05 Closure
12.05 Light lunch