Final Conference

CEUP2030 Project Partners finally met personally

Project Partners of CEUP2030 finally had the opportunity to meet face-to face in Vienna in the framework of the Final Conference of the project. On 14th March the official opening of the EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Center East was held where CEUP Partners also participated. During this session prestigious players from the EIT Manufacturing and Federal Ministries of Austria presented the activities of EIT Manufacturing and co-operation opportunities between European actors. The presentations were followed by a roundtable where the benefits of EIT Manufacturing and international network were emphasised.

In the afternoon session on 14th March, the leaders of the thematic focus areas of CEUP discussed their good practices in the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Robotics, Intelligent Production and Smart Materials. In the end of the conference, European flagship projects were showcased in the thematic areas. The conference was absolutely fruitful and beneficial, since numerous good practices and ideas were presented in the thematic areas which might be transferred to other regions as well as might enhance future cooperation between the partners.

The second day of the meeting- 15th March- was addressed to the internal project meeting where work package leaders presented the results and outcomes of their activities. The project will end on 30th April 2022, so the final steps and activities of the project were also discussed. PPs will be continuing to carry out the still pending activities until the end of April.