The first CITYCIRCLE Circular Economy Strategy Workshop held in Varaždin

15 November 2019, Varaždin, Croatia

The first circular economy strategy workshop has been organized within CITYCIRCLE by Razvojna agencija Sjever DAN. The workshop was held on 15th of November 2019 in the Varaždin City Hall. The objective of the first workshop is for the stakeholders to learn about the CITYCIRCLE project and to create interest for the continuation of cooperation as the implementation of the project moves forward. It was concluded in the meeting that all stakeholders will be sent a questionnaire that will ask of them to describe their activities, provide info on waste flows and by-products (protection of dana is ensured) and that asks the stakeholders to present their expectations and interests as well as preparedness to participate in circular economy strategy.

This information will serve as basis for defining key steps in set up of a system of management of by-products and waste of stakeholders in a way to make it favourable for them in accordance with circular economy principles. Gathered information will also, with consent from participants, be used to make a database (kind of stock market for waste and by-products) to help set up cross border cooperation as well. This information will help define possible value chains that will be put into the strategy. During strategy completion there will be two workshops held where possible value chains will be considered. If necessary individual mentored meetings will be held. The strategy will include NGOs as well as stakeholders from the education sector with the goa to disseminate results of the project to the public and citizens. Some stakeholders have already expressed their will to participate and it is estimated that the biggest potential for cooperation exists in the field of organic and slaughter waste as well as textile and wooden waste. Local and regional authorities have also expressed preparedness to participate in positive promotion of the strategy.