Another CE event in Kranj discussed Increasing local and organic food self-care in the region

5 March 2020, Kranj, Slovenia

A very active City Municipality of Kranj hosted a consultation themed "Increasing local and organic food self-care in the City of Kranj and the Gorenjska region". The aim of the event was to obtain as much information, good practice and guidance as possible to provide good nutrition for children, adolescents and the elderly and act sustainably. 

Topic is related to the circular economy and is recognized as a good step toward our aims related to it. The Municipality of Kranj's aim is to increase the number of local foods in the nutrition of public institutions by 20 percent and the number of organic produce at least a percent over the next five years. One of the goals is to increase or at least maintain the number of farms and encourage them to produce more, with the assurance that their crops will be bought by public institutions.


So-called Food Catalog was presented, stakeholders can use it to assist in the procurement process, as it provides all the important information - about the name of the food, the providers and their products, nutrition, allergens, quality certificates etc.

The presentations of good practices of public institutions were also inspiring. Primary schools in Kranj are working hard to educate and educate adolescents about the importance of healthy eating, but emphasize that this first begins in the family and then continues in kindergartens and schools. In one of the primary schools, students are actively involved in the preparation of the menus.

Further activities in this important area will focus on increasing local self-care. Among other things, they will encourage local and organic food vendors to present their products and estimate how much they are able to produce. An action plan is being prepared to promote locally produced food and motivate people.

The event included stakeholders such as interested public, representatives from City of Kranj, National Education Institute Slovenia, Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Chamber of Agricultural and Food Companies.