17th March 2022 

On 17th March 2022 at building of Gdynia Port Authority took place the Final Stakeholders’ Meeting for Gdynia Node of COMODALCE project. The invitation to the meeting was accepted by terminal operators as well as intermodal operators, freight forwarders and railway carriers operating at the Port of Gdynia.

The main purpose of the meeting was to present the results of pilot actions conducted by Baltic Container Terminal and Port of Gdynia Authority as a part of works for digitalization of Gdynia Port environment, identification of needs and further development.  

Representatives of Baltic container Terminal presented functionality, structure and principles of operation of INCOS communication platform.

OTTIMA plus Sp. z o.o. - a contractor for Port of Gdynia Authority pilot action presented summary and conclusions of the concept with elements of the initial feasibility study of the railway traffic management system and increasing the capacity of track systems and the integration of the Port with the hinterland as part of the technical and organizational improvement of railway access to the Port of Gdynia.

Additionally, a presentation of activities and development plans for analytical works for design and operation of integrated transport and logistics chains was held by representative of a company Polski PCS.

After presentations a discussion took place focusing mostly on:

  1. Future configuration and functionality of the IT systems are key importance to improve the effectiveness of the operations railway traffic capacity and the efficiency of the railway infrastructure of the Port of Gdynia;
  2. Future upgrades of INCOS communication platform including actualization of exchanging data, extending the range of integration messages and new possible functionalities which  are currently required and identified,
  3. Scale of organizational and technological integration of INCOS communication platform, Port Gdynia systems and Port Community System with PKP PLK systems has to be defined with all users of the infrastructure;
  4. Despite the initial nature of the concept of the traffic control system in the port of Gdynia, it should define business model of system implementation in consultation with other stakeholders;
  5. Data Exchange and Technical Specifications have to be set out within common project resulting from the work carried out so far. 

Gdynia 1
Gdynia 2