COMODALCE presented at the ISTEN transnational workshop

25th November 2020

Mahart Container Center, partner of COMODALCE, presented the project at a round table discussion during the transnational workshop organised in the framework of the final conference of the ISTEN project - Integrated and Sustainable Transport in Efficient Network – co-funded by the Interreg ADRION Programme.

The ISTEN project aims at qualifying ADRION ports as strategic nodes and hubs for the ADRION Region by setting up a transnational cooperation network and a joint action plan to improve hinterland intermodal connections, in particular by supporting rail freight flows and last mile links to the TEN-T Corridors.

ISTEN involves ports from Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia as main gateways to the TEN-T and Adriatic-Ionian Motorway of the Sea.

Main objectives of ISTEN are very well in line with those of COMODALCE:

  1. steer priorities of involved territories by identifying integrated infrastructure planning at transnational level and consistent investment strategies;
  2. provide guidelines & criteria for defining legal, technical and operational conditions useful to establish an efficient ADRION transnational network;
  3. develop a specific, innovative toolbox to be used by relevant actors to analyse and define suitable conditions for establishing robust networks of stakeholders;
  4. define IT solutions and services for the communication and knowledge management;
  5. increase capacity building in planning infrastructures and identify measures and actions to be adopted for setting-up integrated hubs;
  6. enhance the efficiency and environmental sustainability of freight logistics flows across the ADRION area.

The roundtable discussion focused on “Logistic platforms, intermodal transport and regional cooperation: challenges, lessons learned and possible solutions from Interreg projects” and included representatives from the DG REGION of the EU Commission and the Interreg ADRION Managing Authority, as well as several projects co-funded by different Interreg Programmes having similar scopes: COMODALCE, REIF, InterGreenNodes (Interreg Central Europe), NEWBRAIN, MultiAPPRO, ADRIPASS (Interreg ADRION), PROMARES (Interreg Italy-Croatia).