COMODALCE presented at the SMARTLOGI final conference

26th April 2021

The Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea and ZAILOG, partners of COMODALCE, presented the project at a round table discussion during the final conference of the SMARTLOGI “Smart and Sustainable Cross-Border Logistics”, co-funded by the Interreg Italy-Austria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, on April 26th 2021.

SMARTLOGI and COMODALCE shared the same main objective, i.e. enhancing cooperation on sustainable multimodal freight transport options, addressing administrative and technological issues that currently hinder modal shift and reducing impacts in terms of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise, also through the use of IT systems.

Besides, SMARTLOGI and COMODALCE share the same macro-regional relevance, both being labelled as “EUSALP relevant” by the Action Group no. 4 of the Macro-Regional Strategy for the Alpine Region.

The roundtable discussion titled “Rail freight transport in the Alpine Area, which way ahead?”  gathered some of the most relevant stakeholders in rail freight transport of Italy and Austria, including Rail Cargo Operator and Logistik Center Austria Süd, and it was the occasion to exchange views and visions on how to make railway transport more efficient, supporting modal shift from road to rail.

La Spezia