CORCAP - Final Conference

Digital Event on 9-10 March 2022

Conference programme 
General presentation
Smart Traffic Management System Freeport Budapest
Accessibility of inland ports and OEM freight liner train
Investigation of new intermodal services along the OEM corridor
Development of attractive multimodal logistics locations in S Moravia and SW Slovakia
Corridor Capitalisation Plan for the Free State of Saxony
Corridor Capitalisation Plan for Usti Region
Corridor Capitalisation Plan for South Moravian Region
Corridor Capitalisation Plan for South-West Slovakia
Corridor Capitalisation Plan for Budapest Region & Győr-Moson-Sopron and Burgenland Region

CORCAP final conference attracted a high level of international participation!

On March 9 and 10, 2022, the digital CORCAP final conference took place, which was attended by about 75 international participants from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.  During the event, the project results were presented to the cooperation partners and the expert audience, as well as discussed with Mathieu Grosch, the EU coordinator for the OEM transport corridor. 

"The European partnership is certainly one of the most significant achievements of the past decades for all of us. How significant it is, we realize in these days in a particularly dramatic way. We are developing and nurturing the partnership on a wide variety of levels," said State Secretary Dr. Frank Pfeil of the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR), who opened the digital event on March 9, 2022, together with Ines Fröhlich, State Secretary at the State Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport (SMWA).

 "The tasks of our ministry alone include a wide range of cooperations: from joint INTERREG projects with our neighboring countries, to the UNESCO World Heritage Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří and the European Committee of the Regions, to spatial planning. With concrete, cross-border projects such as CORCAP, we are bringing the European idea to life," emphasized the State Secretary. He thanked all cooperation partners for the good cooperation across national borders. CORCAP has led to a new understanding of planning in rail freight transport in the regions involved and has strengthened cross-border cooperation, concluded State Secretary Dr. Pfeil.

State Secretary Ines Fröhlich commented at the opening of the final conference: "The CORCAP project is a small but effective building block in the direction of a traffic turnaround in freight transport.  The new train connections in combined transport between Dresden, Rostock and Curtici impressively demonstrate that courageous entrepreneurial decisions for rail freight transport can already be successful today. They are a sign of the successful cooperation in this project. But regional successful concepts are not enough in view of the constantly growing goods traffic, the emerging bottlenecks in the Dresden-Prague section and the limited capacity along alternative TEN-T corridors. A shift of freight traffic to other modes of transport will only succeed successfully and sustainably where an additional profit can be expected on the business side, and this is more likely to be demonstrated on longer transport routes. Therefore, solutions must also be found at the federal and EU level at the same time to improve multimodal access to rail and inland waterway transport." 

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