Capturing beech forests photo exhibition

13th December, 2019

About 30 interested visitors attended the opening of the Citizen Engagement Activity „Capturing Beech Forests“ which took place on the 13th of December in the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. It was organized by a BEECH POWER IVY volunteer.

„Capturing Beech Forests“ is a photo exhibition highlighting the high value of the lasts remnants of old-growth beech forests in Europe, by showing examples of their beauty, (bio)diversity and also the threats to beech forest ecosystems all around Europe.

Marcus Waldherr introduced the topic of the exhibition by presenting the BEECH POWER project while the guests were already enjoying the delicious buffet. The event was made possible thanks to the support and contribution of the Interreg Volunteer Youth Programme, the BEECH POWER project and the European Beech Forest Network.

The exhibition is still open for visitors until Wednesday 17th December 2019 at the Forest Campus of HNEE and will then go on a journey to visit different places in Europe. Whoever is interested in temporarily hosting the exhibition, may contact us at It includes about 40 photos by the following beech loving artists of 16 different countries: Abdulla Diku, Adele Kötz, Anja Lemm, Bruno D´Amicis, Călin Uruci, Chris Vanden Bilcke, Christin Loll, Daniel Rosengren, Erich Mayrhofer, Frederik Vaes, Gheorghe Lungu, Hans Knapp, Kalliopi Stara, Kris Vandekerkhove, Monika Paar, Ondro Kameniar, Patrick Huvenne, Radostina Pravcheva, Rigas Tsiakiris, Rüdiger Biehl, Sergey Kantsyrenko, Thomas Stephan, Tilo Geisel and Valentino Mastrella.