Celebrate 10 years of Grumsin World Heritage Site through the new photo competition

Continuing the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the designation of Grumsin Beech Forest as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of Angermünde together with the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve are launching a new photo competition.

The contest is aimed at amateurs and photography enthusiasts who enjoy nature photography and have already had or would like to have the Grumsin forests in front of their lens. All pictures should have a connection to the Grumsin beech forest or beech forests in general. However, whether the motif of the picture are forest, the surrounding landscape, or its inhabitants such as insects, lichens or fungi, is up to the photographers creativity. 

All participants can submit up to 6 individual pictures or a maximum of two thematic series of 6 to 8 pictures until the 25 of August 2021. You can find more details about the requirements and submission process HERE. After the deadline, a jury of experts will select the best photos, and present them to the public through an exhibition. In addition, the winners will receive a certificate and a high-quality regional products prize from the biosphere reserve. 

Dr Martin Flade, head of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve hopes for a lively participation in the photo competition. “Forests always have an aesthetic effect that can be captured individually and from one’s own point of view with photographies. These photos have a great value and potential to transmit admiration and important topics into the world, to show them to others. We, too, would like to dedicate our own photo exhibition to the beauty and special nature of the Grumsin beech forest and its surrounding landscapes”, he says. 

Exhibition and further activities

Although the location where the exhibition will take place is not clear yet, the city of Angermünde has several exhibition rooms available for the 10 Years of World Natural Heritage exhibition. “Whether in the town hall, in the new special exhibition rooms in the Angermünde Museum in Haus Uckermark or in the Francisian monastery – we will find a suitable location for this photo exhibition”, says Frederik Bewer, Mayor of Angermünde. 

“The UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Grumsin Beech Forest is located in our city and has great value for us. It has become inseparable from the perception of our city and stand for its beautiful location. But it also stands for great civic commitment to the protection of nature”, reports the mayor.

Finally, working groups with representatives from Uckermark and Barnim are planning various activities to further celebrate the 10th anniversary of Grumsin beech forest. Through these activities, they want to make Grumsin experienceable for the public and pass on knowledge about this ecosystem, its flora and fauna. On September 18th, for example, they are planning a wide-ranging day of action with numerous guided walks along the Grumsin World Natural Heritage Site. Further, two days before, a festive event will take place in the church in Altkünkendorf.