Centralparks at the DaRe to Connect webinar

13th October 2020

Centralparks was recently presented to stakeholders in Slovakia, in the framework of a webinar about wildlife migration and ecological connectivity.

The webinar, organised jointly by the Interreg DaRe to Connect (D2C) project, the Ekopolis Foundation and the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic focused on ecological connectivity and introducing the basic principles of the management of ecological corridors. Moreover, it aimed at discussing its application in land use management and decision-making processes with special attention to Slovakia. 

Although the discussion was originally planned physically, the online platform enabled almost 50 participants to attend, including representatives of state administration, municipalities, regions, ministries and other public institutions, who are authorised to make decisions about land use and are approving activities that influence animals migration and ecological connectivity. Furthermore, various Slovak experts in landscape ecology, landscape and municipal zoning and ecology were present.

The webinar mainly targeted the geographical space between the Green Belt and the Small Carpathians Hills, which is one of pilot regions of the D2C project. The lineup of projects presented were DaRE to Connect, Centralparks, ConnectGREEN and TransGREEN, which were also the main organisers of the recently held Green Carpathians webinar.

Presentations were followed by lively discussions, moreover, the success of the webinar inspired participants to agree on organising follow-up online and offline consultations targeting the specific geographical regions.