Discover the Danube today

Today we commemorate the International Danube Day, one of Europe’s largest river systems. This year the motto is “Discover the Danube”. Read more about the activities that take place on this occasion in your country and in the world.

The Danube-Carpathian region

The Danube is the world’s most international river, as it flows from Germany, through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before it reaches the Black sea. It is home to priceless natural treasures. Over 2,000 plant species and 5,000 animal species live in or by the waters of the Danube, a habitat which hosts about 2,000 vascular plants and approx. 100 fish species.

The Carpathian Mountains and its foothills are a source of thermal and mineral waters. The Danube River separates the Carpathian Mountain ranges from the Alps. Several plains surround the Carpathians including the Galician Plain in the northeast; the Pannonian Plain in the southwest and the Lower Danubian Plain in the south. 

The Danube-Carpathian region harbours many species and habitats that are either threatened or close to extinction in the rest of Europe, such as large natural and virgin forests, most of Europe’s remaining intact rivers and wetlands, two-thirds of the European populations of large carnivores, including bears, lynx and wolves, as well as the Beluga sturgeon, now on the edge of extinction.

Day to commemorate the Danube

Since 2004, we have been commemorating International Danube Day every year on June 29. This day celebrates 14 countries of the Danube basin – one of Europe’s largest river systems. Due to various restrictions on public gatherings in the Danube basin, the Danube Day celebrations in 2020 took place in the virtual realm of #DiscoverDanube! This year is no different. The motto “Discover the Danube” continues to fit into the situation, with several online events.

Danube adventure from your chair

Why not be “active across the Danube” at home and try an adventure game on the Danube now? This year, go on a Danube Adventure! Try the online adventure game about the Danube, prepared by the Secretariat of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube (ICPDR).