“Transition of family business ownership” 

The conference was officially opened by the dean of Faculty of Business management (FPM), prof. Peter Markovič and introduced by the rector of EUBA, prof. Ferdinand Daňo.

The first contribution of the conference was presented by internal doctoral student of FPM - Mgr. Martin Novysedlák on the topic of Start-ups – where he pointed out the reasons why the idea and popularity of start-ups does not have to be successful in the real-world conditions. Factors of failure of start-ups have been identified, which could be avoided through the ownership transfer process. Terminology was defined for the issue of ownership transfer as well as the importance of ownership transfer. The audience was presented with the intent and objectives of the  ENTER-transfer project, as well as the graphics form concept of the preliminary Business Succession Model - pointing to the subjects of ownership transfer and the various phases that create the ownership transfer process.

 The second contribution was presented by the representative of the project partner from the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom (Poland) - Dr. Ludmila Walaszczyk. The attendees became familiar with the issue of conducting the family business succession, taking into consideration the fact that the company is taken over by an external person (an employee or a member of the management board). The presentation based on the feedback received from the representatives of the regional and local authorities and the entrepreneurs during two pilot actions in Poland.

 The third contribution was presented by Austrian project partners. Prof. Margaret Uberwiemmer, from FH Upper Austria, pointed out the challenges of creating a matchmaking portal. After her, DI Jasmin Schiefer took the floor, and presented extensive research on the subject of matchmaking portals.

The floor was then taken by project partner from Biz-up, represented by Mr. Stefan Holzl, who presented the technical side of the matchmaking portal. He presented the vision of the matchmaking portal through examples of relevant online platforms.