Conflict resolution workshops in Slovenia

Additionally to the MARISCO and Situation analysis workshops, during the end of November and beginning of December two Conflict resolution workshops took place in Slovenia, entitled “How to get to the solution, when we have differing opinions?”.

Conflict resolution for Krokar

The first of these workshops was organised in Kočevje and related to the Krokar component part. A highly-engaged group attended the workshop and learnt about simple, yet very effective techniques for alleviating misunderstandings and arguments, to prevent escalation into conflicts, which would then require mediation procedures to resolve. The workshop also featured practical exercises to practice these techniques, while also prompting the participants to identify more conflicts that can be expected in the future.

Conflict resolution for Snežnik

Snežnik component part is about 10-times the size of Krokar and not surprisingly the variety and number of conflicts are much more pronounced in this area. The workshop was organised in a small village Podcerkev in Loška dolina, on the other side of Snežnik mountain from Ilirska Bistrica and the home of one of our associated partners (Municipality of Loška dolina). Mainly local foresters, who know the area inside and out and representative of regional development agency, attended the workshop. The group was very active and interested in learning different techniques for recognising conflict situations and methods for their resolution. The workshop included an educational part about the processes of environmental mediation, if the conflicts grow too complex for simpler resolutions. The participants left with new theoretical and practical knowledge for smoother work in the future, while the workshop also provided invaluable inputs for the Strategy for Conflict Resolutions, which will be prepared in the next few months in the scope of the project.