A kick-off meeting for the stakeholders of DEEPWATER-CE in Poland was held on September 30th, 2019, in Sosnowiec. The event was hosted by the Polish partner the University of Silesia. 
About 45 people took part in the meeting! They represented higher education, researches, and experts from the field of geology, hydrogeology, hydrology but also professionals from the water industry, water suppliers and local and national public authority.
The main purpose of the meeting was to establish contacts and encourage collaboration, discussions, with stakeholders who can provide a contribution to the project or benefit from it. Information about the project aims and project partners were presented.
We want to encourage participants to get involved and commenting our material available on the project website and social media, informed them about the possibility of participating in future thematic training, about good practices and benchmark analysis of MAR solutions in Central Europe, our research results from pilot action and about the suitability of developed MAR solutions for specific areas in Central Europe.
In the first part of the meeting, our project partners presented the goals, tasks and expected results of the project. Successively the Polish pilot area in Tarnow was presented. 
Then the project's stakeholders presented their activities and experience in this subject:
- Infiltration water well field in Krajkowo for the city of Poznań (J. Górski, R. Kruć, K. Dragon)
- The results of the Horizon 2020 AquaNES project:  Demonstrating synergies in combined natural and engineered processes for water treatment systems (K. Dragon, J. Górski, R. Kruć)
- Infiltration water well field for the city of Wrocław – history and current water exploitation (S. Staśko)
In the last part of the meeting two INTERREG Central Europe projects were presented:
- boDEREC-CE: Board for detection and assessment of pharmaceutical drug residues in drinking water - capacity building for water management in Central Europe (A. Witkowski, K. Ślósarczyk)
- Results of AMIGA-CE project: Integrated approach to management of groundwater quality in functional urban areas (G. Gzyl)
In the final part of the meeting, there was also time for discussion. The discussion was also undertaken after each presentation, guests with great interest took part in the event by asking insightful questions.