National stakeholders meetings

The first national meetings with stakeholders will take place soon, at which the DEEPWATER-CE project will be presented and the managed aquifer recharge (MAR) solutions will be discussed. It will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences, views and strengthen the willingness to cooperate in a project in which the participation of stakeholders is very important. If you do not know about the project yet but are willing to take part in the national meetings, please send an e-mail to respective national contact person.

The meetings will take place on the following dates:

Hungary: 14th of October 2019 in Budapest (contact to: )

Germany: 16th of October 2019 in Munich (contact to:

Poland: 30th of September 2019 in Sosnowiec (contact to:

Slovakia: October 2019 (the precise date and place will be provided soon) (contact to:

Croatia: 10th of September 2019 in Komiža (contact to: