Open event in Wroclaw

Goal: endorse a common definition for reformation-themed cultural heritage.

How: thematic contributions on transnational cultural heritage, its role in regional development and existing challenges to manage it and working Groups, led by experts, to discuss and refine what Reformation-cultural heritage is and which criteria could be applied to determine that from historic/theological, cultural and tourism perspectives.

Who: open audience, but focus on relevant stakeholders who can contribute to the definition process and discussions

-Dr. Luca Bruschi (European Association of Vie Francigene, Italy)
-Dr. Piotr Birecki (Institute of Medieval and Modern History, Poland)
-Daniel Leis (Director Museums, Collections and Exhibitions at the Luther Memorial Foundation)

Where: The Tumski Hotel, ul. Wyspa Słodowa  10; 50-266 Wrocław ( 

When: 7th and 8th of December 2017

Programme: Final Programme