FIRECE: Transnational Event at e-nova 2019

21st - 22nd November, Pinkafeld, Austria

The partnership organizes a separate FIRECE Session within the framework of e-nova 2019 to present key outputs and discuss IFIs. 

Conceived as an international scientific conference, e·nova is aimed at the scientific community as well as professionally oriented experts. Contributions from both groups in the field of applied research and development provide an overview of the state of scientific development as well as the possibilities and the status of professional and market-oriented implementation.

The FIRECE Session is splitted into 4 thematic presentations:

  • Tool to assess Public Investment to support industry's low carbon transition
  • Guidelines on Financial instrumetns to support the regional implementation of Energy Plans
  • Sustainable solutions of FIRECE Action Plan and Good Practice in Industry
  • FIRECE training modules to support low carbon transition

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to visit our FIRECE booth, where representatives of the project partnership provide information about already reached outputs and further progress of the project. 

Check out the link to get more information.