3rd Forget Heritage local info day at Nürnberg

What connects the cultural project Nordgarten to Europe?

What is the history of its transformation from a no-go-area to a lively space?

Why is its revitalization a part of a European wide social movement?

How can I get involved and become a part of the enthusiastic team of Nordgarten volunteers?

- At the 3rd local info day, the garden team and Forget Heritage team will give answers.

After one year cultural project Z-Bau Nordgarten, the coordination team gives us a view about it´s past, present and upcoming future in the local cultural magazine CURT. And you are very welcome to join the next public volunteers meeting at May 15, when we will found the official volunteers group "AK Nordgarten"!

Here you find the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2372859812943823/