HEURIGHT Conference  

21 - 22 April 2017, Warsaw (Poland)

‘Cultural Heritage in the European Union: Legal Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges’

The event, organised in cooperation with the Editorial Board of the Santander Art and Culture Law Review, will be held on 20-21 April 2017 at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (Poland). Its main objective is to present and debate the research already undertaken within the framework of the project. Accordingly, the conference aims to discuss how human rights guarantees in relation to cultural heritage are being understood and implemented in the European Union (EU) and in its neighbouring countries. Acknowledging the changing and often contested nature of the right to cultural heritage (or more precisely the right to access or enjoyment of cultural heritage), it will endeavour to map how this right’s evolving content affects the forms of protection, access to, and governance of cultural heritage, within the institutional, operational and legal structures of the EU. In particular, it will deal with the complex organizational and regulatory frameworks concerned with cultural heritage and human rights in place in the EU Members States, as well as their interaction, cross-fertilization, and possible overlaps.

Registration: heuright@gmail.com

Heuright in Warsaw
Heuright in Warsaw
Joanna Wilgorska & Olgierd Domanus
Olgierd Domanus & Joanna Wilgorska
Heuright in Warsaw