3rd Forget Heritage Project Information Day in Slovenia


The 3rd Slovene Forget Heritage Project Information Day will be held in Ljubljana on 18th June 2019. It will be dedicated to the presentation of the Writers’ Hub for Vodnik’s heritage preservation model and of the Web App “OffSpaces”.

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and Divja misel, Manager of Vodnik’s Homestead and Pilot Manager of the Writers’ Hub, were working closely with the City of Ljubljana, the owner of the cultural heritage building, in setting up the new coworking space. In August 2018 the coworking space was ready to receive its first residents. RRA LUR acquired funding under the Forget Heritage project for partial renovation of the space and for the implementation of a 1-year support program in the field of literature.

At LID-3 the Pilot Manager and RRA LUR are going to present the whole process of establishing of the Writers’ Hub, a model for good cooperation between the public and the private sector, what kind of investment was needed to make the space come to life and attract young people (15-29 years old), what are the recommendations of everyone involved in this successful story.

Functioning of the web application "OffSpaces" will also be presented. The Web App is one of the tools for involving cultural-creative communities, initiatives and citizens in the historical sites’ enhancement. It is a newly established register of empty and/or under-used buildings of cultural heritage in public or private ownership and connecting them with potential CCI operators and citizens. If one wants to open a cultural heritage to the public or give it new content, one will be able to receive: new ideas and initiatives, content and programme, potential (new) managers of the building, and thus the potential financial resources for the program, building management and maintenance.

More information:

1) About the Forget Heritage project, pilot project Writers' Hub and Web App »OffSpaces«:
Nataša Mršol, Project Manager, natasa.mrsol@rralur.si, http://www.rralur.si/sl/projekti/forget-heritage,  Project Forget Heritage. Welcome to visit  Forget Heritage/Facebook and Twitter.

2) About Vodnik Homestead and setting up of the Writers' Hub:
Tina Popovič, Manager of  Vodnik Homestead and of Ljubljana: UNESCO City of Literature programme, tina.popovic@divjamisel.org, Facebook/Vodnikova domačija

3) Administrator of the Web App »OffSpaces« in Slovenia:
ASSOCIATION PUNKT CC, social enterprise, on its behalf: Tadeja Bučar, Creative Manager, tadeja©punkt-cc.org      

18th June 2019, Vodnik’s Homestead
Vodnikova cesta 65, Ljubljana