At the end of the project, we would introduce the Offspace web application

One of the biggest issues of revitalizing heritage buildings in cities, is that citizens and CCIs can only have access to these places through many difficulties and different permissions. Therefore, if someone has an idea in connection with abandoned buildings, they simply do not know where they could ask their questions and what consequences are to be expected from the suggestions. OffSpaces app was developed by Forget Heritage project, which used the written „Citizen involvement policy” to detect the owners and maintainers of free standing, abandoned and neglected buildings and to hand in suggestions on their utilization. All these are happening online, realtime and without a special knowledge of softwares. The application was developed by PP4 Nuremberg with Tollwerk as an external expert inthe project. If you see such buildings around you and you would love to take part in revitalizing ’ghost’ places, just download the app and be part of the ’Ghostbuster’ team of Forget Heritage project.