November 15th and 16th 

Two days of European debate, discussion, and confrontation about the new ways our cultural heritage is preserved and promoted by public institutions in cooperation with private ones as well as citizens.

The need for new ways of dealing with the theme of cultural heritage is becoming increasingly pressing. Reflections are now necessary that jointly encompass various problems relating to the preservation of cultural heritage as well as those relating to sustainability, partly because of the recession that has been experienced in Europe over the last ten years.

The city of Genoa holds a position of leadership in the European project Forget Heritage: New Models for the Management of the Historical and Cultural Patrimony. Because of this, and also of the ten-year recurrence of Strade Nuove and Palazzi dei Rolli (“New Streets and Rolli Palaces System”) being recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Genoa has gained a prominent role in the international debate in 2016. The conference Heritage in the City, to be held on November 15th and 16th, will offer visitors two whole days of events and initiatives. Local, national, and international speakers from both public and private institutions will start from their own, still ongoing experiences to illustrate innovative and replicable ways to reinsert the cultural heritage in virtuous cycles of promotion and usage.