5th partners meeting with site visit in Jugovzhodna Slovenija

Razvojni center Novo mesto d. o. o. invites you to participate at 5th HealingPlaces project partners meeting where site visits will be organised and interaction with local stakeholders will be possible.

The Agenda is intended for project partners to discuss internal matters and project progress, while it is possible also for general public to participate and be included in the discussion. The session will be moderated by hosts.

The event will start on Tuesday, 15th of June 2021 at 9.00 and finish on Wednesday, 16th of June at 17.00.

If you plan to attend the event on site it is obligatory to register via this link HERE until Wednesday, 9th of June.

If you plan to join the event via internet connection, you can find the links under the Agenda and join the sessions anytime.

Day 1: Monday, 14th of June 2021

Link to the meeting HERE.


Bilateral partners meeting (project progress, thematic work packages, partner specifics) | @Hotel Balnea, Dolenjske Toplice

19:00 End of first day


Day 2: Tuesday, 15th of June 2021

Link to the meeting HERE.

09:00 Welcome of participants and rules of organization and participation in two-day event | @Hotel Balnea, Dolenjske Toplice
9:30 Project progress in WP Management (current issues, project extension)
11:15 Coffee break (offered by host)
12:15 WP T1: Project progress in Environmental Mapping and Assessment
13:15 WP T3: Project progress in Management strategy & guidance of spa areas in Central Europe
14:15 Lunch break (offered by host)
15:00 Dolenjske Toplice spa complex and its role in local community
16:30 Novo mesto as urban core of region Jugovzhodna Slovenija and its destination management | @Glavni trg, Novo mesto
17:30 End of second day
18:00 Dinner (offered by host) | @Trška Gora, Novo mesto


Day 3: Wednesday, 16th of June 2021

Link to the meeting HERE.

Table caption
09:00 Welcome of participants and rules of organization and participation in two-day event | @Grad Otočec, Novo mesto
9:30 Otočec as pearl of wellness tourism in Jugovzhodna Slovenija

Šmarješke Toplice and its management of natural healing resources | @Hotel Vitarium, Šmarješke Toplice

      • dr. Nina Rman, mag. Andrej Lapanje (Geological survey Slovenia): Differences in use and management of thermal waters in Slovenia due to diverse natural settings
      • VisitDolenjska as destination management for tourism flows in Dolenjska 

12:00 Lunch break (offered by host)

WP 2: Pilot actions in HealingPlaces project + roundtable with stakeholders

     • Pilot Action 1 –by IRT representatives
     • Pilot Action 2 –by POLO PN representatives
     • Pilot Action 3 –by HBMO & BORA 94 representatives
     • Pilot Action 4 –by BIZ UP representatives
     • Pilot Action 5 –by KZ representatives
     • Pilot Action 6 –by Novo Mesto representatives
     • Pilot Action 7 –by LAMORO representatives
     • Pilot Action 8 –by MENDELU representatives
(10 minutes per Pilot Action – presentation + discussion) 

15:00 Klevevž as natural spa and protected area | @Grad Klevevž, Šmarješke Toplice
17:00 End of third day