Local and Transnational Environment Quality Forum 

Period: December  2016 - March 2019
Budget: 220.640 euro

The InAirQ cooperation meetings bring together the project partners, national consultant boards, stakeholders, interest groups (public, education and health sector, building industry) to achieve a harmonized health policy. This will increase the potential to inform and influence policy-making on outdoor and indoor air pollution in a way which reflects the actual needs of human health and environmental quality.
Through the local Environment Quality Forums, stakeholders, representing horizontal and vertical integrations, will be involved the strategy making process. Preparing integrated strategy for indoor air quality improvement in the schools of the transnational programme area.
The Transnational Environment Quality Forum will be established to contribute to the project results, sharing the deliverables of the InAirQ among the Project Partners and assist stakeholders to implement indoor air quality improvement protocols. The InAirQ partners emphasize tools and actions applicable at the national level to ameliorate the health effects of air pollution. In this way, the relevance and practicability of the foreseeable outcomes will be enhanced.

The activities in detail:

A.T2.3: Environment Quality Forum
The baselining and monitoring together with the Repository outputs will be consulted in workshops attended by partners and stakeholders. Involvement of local stakeholders and other Central Europe authorities, networks will be achieved by establishing and operating the bottom-up EQ Forums. All pilot partners (Várpalota, OS-KDK, NIPH, MOL and FpS) will organize such stakeholder teams whose composition will be tailored to the existing decision mechanisms in the partner areas. Coordinated by the pilot partners.

A.T3.4: Transnational Environment Quality Forum
The Forum will be a CE-wide process-related virtual cooperation platform and knowledge centre, a tool for sustainable cooperation with the key target groups. Cordinated by NIPH
Transnational Environment Quality Forum (TEQF) will be an online tool that will collect all project output documents, and also will include the VHR as interactive DM support tool. TEQF will be available for free and the core project documents will be available 6 languages, making easier the use of the materials. The TEQF will act as expert pool to provide relevant information to the stakeholders interested. The TEQF will contribute to follow-up the realization of the Strategy & APs objectively.
TEQF online platform is set up by NPHC & NIPH. Initial structure is designed and the content is uploaded  rom baseline results and VHR tracing data. The platform is offering assistance to local Forums in  implementation of APs and related pilot activities TQEF uploaded final project outputs (final joint strategy,  APs, case studies on pilots, joint funding guidelines & policy briefings, training programmes). Platform is disseminated towards and open for interested parties beyond partnership.
NIPH will be responsible to define the structure of the Transnational Environment Quality Forum, and  specify target groups and potential beneficiaries of the Forum, involving all project partners.