Partners meet up @Linz!


Since the kick-off meeting in Padova the partnership has started its discourse with stakeholders. Best practices have been collected in each region, existing policies and trainings on CCI charted, and focus groups organized. This information will be showcased during the meeting. An interesting mix of brainstorm sessions, presentations and field visits will support the peering process. Let's get inspired to further conceptualize and substantiate our pilot actions!


25.11 - Policy analysis, focus groups and administrative trainings

26.11 - Good practice carousel & Expert group meetings

          - Communciation: digital storytelling

Practice Input:

25.11 - Tobacco Factory Linz

The big smoke: Where once 8.000 cigarettes churned out per minute and machine, creative sparks are lit. At present, the erstwhile tobacco plant of Austria Tabak, former Austrian tobacco monopole, emerges as an urban centre for cultural and creative industries. In its redesign the revitalized industrial building, hub for contemporary technologies and creative industries, does not define itself as a conventional museum or venue. Rather, it is a workbench, stage, laboratory, rehearsal room, collaborative concern and ultimately, fabricating urban quarter – one of a kind.

26.11 - Ars Electronica 

Watch artificial intelligence thinking. Train self-driving cars. Program robots. Print in 3D. Process your own DNA with the gene scissors. Visit the Ars Electronica Center and experience how new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, are changing our lives. (

27.11 Stahlwelten VOESTALPINE 

Come along with us on a journey of discovery and experience up close the miracle of steel! How do you make car bodies, razor blades or high-speed rails 120 meters long? You will find all the answers at voestalpine Stahlwelt. Further, the extra area tour takes you through more than five square kilometers of production facilities. Listen to all the interesting things our guide has to tell you when you visit the blast furnace, the hot-rolling mill or the blank production line.