InduCult2.0: Workshop Forging Industrial Culture

2 September, Trzic, Slovenia


The Industrial Caravan Tour is a unique event. It can be regarded as the common theme/object running through the InduCult2.0 project, both geographically as content-related. As such it connects all partners in their efforts to reveal the potential of Industrial Culture in their regions. In other words, it shows the Central European meaning of Industrial Culture.

The Industrial Caravan centralizes the inhabitants of those regions, and is curious about how they perceive living and working there. Do they see potential in Industrial Culture, and what are the emotions connected to it? But also, how do tourists experience the Industrial Culture vibe?

The industrial caravan tour takes the form of a dynamic workshop concept. Travelling through the different regions a ‘tree of Industrial Culture’ will be, literally, forged. Fire and forging is considered as the basic form of industry, and is still important in the producing process of many factories (e.g. steel). In the preparation phase, as well as during the workshops new techniques will also be implemented (3D, lasercutting). 

  • The trunk represents the common pioneer spirit and strength of the regions, where Industry has, and in most cases, still defines many aspects of daily-life.
  • The branches will be produced of scrap metal provided by the different regions. They refer to looking forward to the future, to innovation, hopes and aspirations,…
  • The leafs are forged by the inhabitants themselves, and symbolize the people living Industrial Culture, and shaping the regions’ identities. 

The selected artists represent the old and the new industries: a blacksmith (guiding the workshops) joins forces with a designer who frequently develops new products for current industries.

During the workshops people will be able to forge themselves, and experience in the most purest form what it is like to use industrial methods. They will produce the leafs of the tree.

In a first stage they will be asked to design the leafs (using a 3D-pen, drawings,…), and in a second phase they will produce the metal leafs on an anvil. The leafs will be hung on a wall, supplemented with a tag mentioning the name and a personal message of the producer. The message will be on how they perceive Industrial Culture, what it means to them, how they see their future, what it is like to work with fire and what it symbolizes…

Focus is on storytelling. Besides the tree, the end result will be a collection of quotes, interviews and stories provided by the inhabitants while talking to the blacksmith and the local translator. These stories will be continuously posted on Facebook, cross-linked with the InduCult2.0 project website.

There is the possibility of a closed and open workshop. The former is only accessible by a pre-registered audience, of which the participants are gathered by the hosting partners. The open workshop is more spontaneous, and accessible by participants of a festival or other public event.


Test your forging skills and 3D talents and create your very personal leaf together with our blacksmith!

Share your story and impressions of the industrial past, present and future of this beautiful region, and let your leaf become part of an impressive artwork shaped like a tree. Branches will be produced in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

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