Attending Interreg Central Europe Communication Seminar

BEECH POWER is attending the Interreg Central Europe seminar on Communication this week in Budapest, Hungary. Together with over 90 participants, the seminar was opened by Frank Schneider. Many communication managers and project representatives of the latest and earlier projects were present. 

The communication seminar is a two-day event, and today we focused mainly on ‘ingredients for good communication’. Even despite the expertise in the room, the understanding of the word 'communication' is quite diverse. It is therefore important that all partners are aware what their project wants to communicate to who, how and where.

The afternoon session focused mainly on branding and website communication. The Interreg Central Europe platform offers a nice variety of options to inform the general public on the ongoing activities and achieved milestones. Together in groups, we discussed the elements that we would like to present to our website visitors. Tomorrow, we will be diving deeper into the communication aspects with the Interreg Central Europe team.