Policy Roundtables on PPI SMART Energy and ICT tool: Poland

November 14th, 2018 │  Time: TBC │ Rzeszow Regional Development Agency │ ul. Szopena 51, Rzeszow

Polish partners of the PPI2Innovate project will organize Policy Roundtables about using PPI (Public Procurement of Innovative solution ) in SMART Energy and ICT sector in order to show samples not only from the region but also outside the region and how are the other procurers planning to develop an innovative solutions and public services using PPI tools

In order to facilitate the usage of PPI in Central Europe, there have been developed nationally customized SMART PPI tools for Health, ICT and Energy sectors available online in 6 languages: SI, HU, CZ, IT, HR, PL.  

Participants of the roundtables will have an unique opportunity for mutual enrichment as well as the floor will be open also for sharing the first-hand experiences with PPI.

Contact person:
Rzeszow Regional Development Agency
Agnieszka Kojder-Walaszek (akojder@rarr.rzeszow.pl )